About Ecowas International Business Directory

ECOWAS International Business Directory is a directory listing of West-Africa businesses. We are in partnership with the ECOWAS Commission and Africa Business Roundtable and collaboration with the Federation of West-Africa Chambers of commerce. We started operation in 2003 with hard copy production of the publication up till 2017. We decided in 2018 to introduce this WEBSITE for ECOWAS International Business Directory to cover the following activities. • To introduce the business of enterprises in West-Africa to the International market • To liaise with companies of industrialize economy of Europe, America, Asia and Africa for the market in West-Africa • To accelerate the collation of enterprises in West-Africa for assessment by Banks, Telecommunication, Multinational and International organizations • To complete the economic integration of ECOWAS State • To spearhead the creation of Export incentives in West-Africa • To create markets and Export for West-Africa business and • To increase foreign exchange earning of ECOWAS States.